My apologies for not posting regularly; I’ve split my time among writing three manuscripts and indulging in a few guilty pleasures (my favorite being Pinterest). The Vernal Equinox is soon upon us, which means this half of the Earth (the Northern Hemisphere) will awaken with fresh life (and I have to still order a few seeds and shop around for good garden soil, since my native garden soil has too much clay to grow beets, carrots, and parsnips – some of my favorite vegetables). This time of the year is also an awakening of hopes and dreams and goals, a time in which life eases into the colors that will soon be in full hue in summer, girls who want to look like fairy tale princesses beg their parents for frilly dresses, children squeal with delight at Easter baskets loaded with candy and colored eggs, and teenagers and young adults anticipate trips to sun-washed locations to spend spring break. It’s also a time in which many animals are born.

This spring, I am expanding my garden and will complete one manuscript before the Summer Solstice – that is, if my new cat, Joey, doesn’t become a mom this spring; otherwise, I’ll have to help her take care of her children for eight weeks. Joey was a kitten stuck in a grape arbor when I rescued her this past October, and I’m not sure if Joey is a girl or a boy; I’ll find out when I take her to the vet soon.

It seems that the Vernal Equinox is very much a time of expectation more than a single event; a sunrise of the year, if you will. I have to tie up a few loose ends and save up some tuition and book money so I can start college again in the autumn, yet I am eager to start my life again – not in the literal sense, since time would have to backshift 43½ years and then start in order for that to happen for me. Even if that could occur through some scientific or spiritual happenstance, I’d probably do the same dumb shit that got me to now; all I can do is start from now, which is all anyone can do.

Start from now; it’s as good a place as any to refresh your life.