I just stumbled upon a new dessert called the piecaken, a freaking beast of a dessert in which whole pies are baked inside cake layers and then the cake is assembled and frosted. I’m surprised some county fair hasn’t jumped on this and charged a crazy amount per slice. Try it for Easter or Passover dessert.


Foody Adventures


Piecaken... I only heard of this concept a few weeks ago but knew I had to try it.  Thankfully my wife’s birthday was coming up and I had an opportunity to give it a go.  I had a few near-failures along the way, but in the end it came together and I was pretty happy with it.

Step 1 – Bake pies – one berry, one apple


Step 2 – Bake pies inside cakes – Berry inside chocolate cake, Apple inside vanilla cakeImageImage

Step 3 – Layer and reinforce (mostly to stop berry leaking out the side), laugh maniacally


Step 4 – Decorate with blue icing and chocolate – Behold PIECAKEN!Image

Step 5 – Nom nom nom


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