Origami Gone Biodegradable – How to make a newspaper pot for starting seeds

Time to prepare for gardening once again, though this winter has been absolutely brutal; fortunately, while I’m snowed in, I can make a few of these seed starting pots and save the cash I would have spent on plastic seed pots for buying fresh seeds and seed starting medium.


Goosie Girl's

For the last several years I’ve said that THIS will be the year I have pots and pots of sweet, little flowers on my porch. Then I stopped by my local nursery and reality hit.. the cost for my fantasy is no less than outrageous!

It’s okay, because this year I’ve devised a plan so that I can have the flowers of my dreams at a fraction of the cost.. and I can have My choice of flowers.. instead of those of my local garden center. How? I’m going to start from seed.

I attempted this before with only marginal success.. My problem was that everything I attempt to transplant my seedlings, I killed them. I guess I’m a brute on fragile little roots. So in order to rectify this problem, I’ve decided to go with biodegradable pots..no transplanting, just shove it in the ground and let it rot away…

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