I, Too, Have a Dream

Society as a whole and black Americans in particular seem to have lost their sense of purpose, their moral compass, their ‘home training’, as it were.  People love to play the blame game, especially when it comes to blaming their failure on factors that have little to nothing to do with their failure.  I’m sure my evil twin is all fired up about this, but she’s sleeping in today, so I’m kinda writing ‘her’ blog today.  On this day that we honor the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I, too, have a dream.  Although not as grand or as Earth-shaking as his dream, it can still make a difference.

I have a dream that the people in America will heal themselves from within and put the blame game to rest.  To the white man in Mississippi who claims he lost his place in the college of his choice to a less-qualified black man, I say to you: what makes the Brother less qualified than you to go to school, especially when he probably went to a high school with a high dropout rate and struggled to get straight A’s while working after school to help support his widowed father while you may have enjoyed a more pleasant adolescence?  Walk in his shoes, my European brother, before you judge.  To the Brother who uses the race card as an excuse for being angry and selling urban pharmaceuticals, I say to you: who taught you that selling drugs was the only option for the black man to get out of poverty?  Barack Obama, the late Thurgood Marshall, Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell, and every black mayor, governor, senator, congressman, lawyer, doctor, soldier, sailor, airman, Marine, astronaut, scientist, preacher, teacher, policeman, fireman, and judge is living proof that the dope man is not your role model.

To those who treat our Asian brothers and sisters with scorn and contempt for opening businesses in poor commuities, two points need to be made.  First, these Asians and their parents and grandparents came to America to escape death from their own governments for various reasons so they could breathe easier and breathe the free air we, as home-grown Americans, take for granted.  Second, what are we, as home-grown Americans, willing to do to build and own businesses in poor communities, to clean up those communities, and to lift people in these neighborhoods out of poverty and into the promised land?

As a matter of fact, what does the promised land look like to you?  If it looks like a spoiled wealthy person’s conspicuously consumptive playground, give it up: very few people live like that, and those that do rarely learn lessons of cooperation, moderation, temperance, or responsibilty.  If, however, it looks like a place with clean air, water, and food; where a child of any color can look up to both the beauty salon owner and the model as role models, where Grandma and Granddad can live peaceably and teach young people valuable lessons in life, where the doctor and the mail carrier replace the crack man and the lady of ill repute as role models, and where children can learn about the shared and individual history of the people of this land in a sane, objective, calm manner, then you’re on the right track.  That’s just my dream.

Let’s face it: if we were all skinless and hairless, how would we be able to treat each other with scorn, contempt, and hatred?  Wake up, children of Light, and live like you and others were skinless and hairless.



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