A Day for Oatmeal and Blankets

Where I live it snows in winter, and today is no exception.  Days like today require a hot bowl of oatmeal, a nice hand-knit sweater, and a blanket.  A fire in the fireplace would be a huge bonus, but since not everyone has a fireplace I’ll understand if you curl up around your stove or a heating register.

I intended on speaking about high fructose corn syrup today; that blog will have to be delayed for another time as I savor a big bowl of oatmeal with chopped apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and a touch of brown sugar mixed in for flavor.  You may have whatever breakfast makes you feel good on a cold winter’s day (if you are one of those lucky souls who lives in the Southern Hemisphere, you are experiencing summer right now and may or may not be reading this right now.  If you are one of those souls who lives at or near the equator you have no clearly discernable seasonal change, but rather subtle temperature and climate fluctuations).

The sweater and the blanket warm us on the outside, while the hot breakfast warms us on the inside, and I’m not talking just about the food temperature.  Hot breakfasts remind us of home and family; consider all the restaurants and diners with “Mom’s” in the name, not to mention other familiar foodstuffs with family members’ titles in the product’s name: In the United States we have Aunt Jemima pancake mix, Uncle Ben’s converted rice, Grandma’s molasses, Dad’s root beer, and a whole host of other products that have nearly every member of the family mentioned.  In other countries this may be the same way; I only mentioned a few U.S. products because, well, I’m American and am more familiar with American products.

Consider the painting by American artist Norman Rockwell, “Freedom from Want”.  In it, the grandmother is serving a Thanksgiving turkey.  Hot food, warm blankets, and toasty sweaters remind us of that soft place we all need to fall on: loved ones.  Even if you are currently flying solo, you always have at least one person who, if it were your choice, would be wrapped up in a blanket and splitting that bowl of oatmeal with you.  Whether that person is half a world away or right in the next room, grab a handknit sweater and snuggle up with your favorite person, even if only in memory; in our memories, our loved ones are always right where we need them.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I just have to scoop up this last bit of oatmeal.



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