A Time to Chill

DISCLAIMER:  Names used in this post do not represent real people or TV characters!  Don’t sue me!  I just picked these names out of thin air!

It’s Saturday once again, and for many people it’s a day off from work and/or school.  For me, I get to write this post and then take Sunday off to meditate on the word of God through the Bible.  Hopefully, I’ll also get to commune with fellow Christians in a worship service (as I happen to be Christian).

Right now, my primary employment consists of being a homemaker and writing uplifting, inspirational messages to share with all of you out there.  I was a child in the 1970s, when women were busy being liberated, so the images of women I saw were of women in the workplace bringing home the bacon and coming home with that bacon to fry it up in a pan.  I also saw images of women from longer ago (the 1950s and before) that had Mother in the kitchen cooking in a dress and high heels.  Weird, huh?  It messed up a lot of little girls’ psyches who had conflicts with those images.  In the ’70s girls had to choose between being a ‘regular’ mom or being a working mom; in the 1980s girls had to choose between being a ‘regular’ mom or being a stay-at-home mom.

Neither woman, however, seemed to have a time to chill: Mommy ‘Carol’ was so busy with the children that she didn’t have time to kick it with her girls while Daddy tended the children, while Mommy ‘Claire’ was so busy climbing the corporate ladded to the top that her feet were swollen when she got home to work her second job as Mom.  Dad, in both cases, always seemed to have time to kick it with his boys after work.  Dad also, in both cases, never had to start an after-work shift as Dad: fixing dinner, washing dishes, doing four loads of laundry, feeding a sick baby while three children under age 7 are begging for his undivided attention on three totally different issues, grocery shopping, vacuuming, — ‘women’s work’.  Doesn’t sound very liberated, does it?

For the heavy-laden among us: declare the day of your choice National Vicki Day (use your own name to commemorate the day, of course).  Send any children you have (two- and four-legged) to Grandma and Granddad’s house (or your children’s favorite relative), send your lover/spouse/pet person somewhere for the day, and revel in the beauty of the fact that you have the whole damn place to yourself to refresh yourself and recharge your soul.

On National Vicki Day, :

  1. bubble baths are mandatory unless you are allergic to the detergent in bubble bath,
  2. chocolate is a heart-healthy food,
  3. calories do not exist,
  4. you must eat peeled grapes and barbecue for breakfast, ice cream for lunch, potato chips for dinner, and snack on whatever you choose throughout the day,
  5. diets are forbidden,
  6. the most exercise you are allowed to get on that day is reaching for that twelfth slice of pizza,
  7. being pampered by your beautician, your manicurist/pedicurist, your makeup artist, your massotherapist, and your personal clothes shopper are a must, and
  8. if you must do anything more strenuous that getting dressed and blessed for the day, dancing the night away followed by an early-morning breakfast at the greasy spoon across from the disco are always acceptable activities.

You may, of course, choose your own favorite activities that recharge your spirit (yes, even a fishing trip counts), so long as you don’t harm anyone or break any laws.  Hey, even God took a day off; He mandates that we do the same and keep it holy to exalt and regard Him as our Father in Heaven.  If we take a day off to acknowledge that He made us in His image, rather than in the image of a robot, we will find it easier to carve out a time to chill.



4 thoughts on “A Time to Chill

  1. Vicki, I love reading your words. It’s the 13th and I don’t see any new ones? Am I doing something wrong. Hope you are well. Love, Lynn from PA

  2. Amen to that, Vicki! I have always worked with these guys who expect their wife to work a 40+ hour week, only to come home and do the laundry, dishes, cook dinner, vacuum the rugs, feed the cats, change the bed, etc., etc., et al infinitum. It makes me want to slap the stupid out of them! Jenni and I split the house chores, because we both work. A two-income household needs to be supported with two sets of hands at home as well. I think that your new holiday is a great idea, but maybe we should start a “Get Real, Dad!” holiday, where people are reminded that in today’s society, it takes multiple people to make the household work.

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