Hello world!

Hi, all.  This is my web log, so let’s set up some ground rules right off the bat:

  1. There will be no hatred on this site.  This means not using any offensive terms you would not want used toward your family, friends, teachers, or preachers.
  2. Anyone who sends me erotic junkmail will be kicked out.
  3. Anyone who sends me ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes will be eaten.
  4. Prayers for good are always welcome.
  5. Helping at least one person (even if it may be yourself) for good is always encouraged.
  6. I like the occasional meatloaf recipe every so often, so send in your mom’s (or dad’s) recipe.
  7. Being kind to animals is especially encouraged, as they depend on us to look out for their welfare.
  8. Love yourself.  Take time to pray, meditate, or just chill, and know that moments of wakeful silence are more precious than gold.

Other than that, I hope we will have fun on this journey to make at least one person’s life better.

Bye for now, all.



5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I like today’s post, Vicki! Swings are most relaxing. Due to a motion thing, I have, I no longer can enjoy a swing, but I do remember the fond memories of when I could. Hugs and Purrs.

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